Friday, July 25, 2014

Introduce (verb) - Make someone known by name to another person, especially formally

Hi, I'm Sylvia.  That's normally how I introduce myself, and since each member's first post is to do just that, I'm starting out traditionally. Sometimes when I'm introducing myself, in an informal setting, I'll just say "hey", but today, on my first posting, it's "hi".  I am from the south and when I'm visiting there the drawl comes out and it's, "How ya'll doing?"

So, my fellow co-blogger, Jennifer, introduced her comments style as taking on the female roles.  My postings will begin with a word that will describe my comments and go on from there. By way of introduction, I want you to know that I'm a self-published author of romantic mystery novels and/or mystery romance novels.  Here's what happened...for years I thought my first book, The Agreement, was a rip-roaring mystery novel with a romance subplot, then I met my co-bloggers who sorta kinda made me see the light. Granted, other readers told me that my story had a lot of romance in it and that the last one hundred pages reflected the mystery but I thought...yeah...right. It took a while but now I know that, at least the first book, has more romance in it.  "Hi.  My name is Sylvia, and a brick has to land on my head sometimes for me to see the light."

I look at it the same way I see trying to introduce main characters in a new work of fiction. Sometimes you swoop the reader up from the get-go and bombard them with all the characters names. Other times you set the mood and then sneak a character in the story one at a an Easter egg hunt.  Make the reader search the main characters out.  Me. I'm a swooper. I like to get my characters out there and BAM your face! Not what a lot of people like but it's my way. Every writer has their own way.

Introductions are key... whether it's the face to face kind or it's introducing a character in a story.  My point is find your own style and if it works for you, stick to it and own it.

Hi, I'm Sylvia.  Welcome to our blog.

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  1. BAM! In your face is exactly what I think of Claire Foster (protagonist in The Agreement, for those not versed... So now I'm thinking you've been busted--she IS you, totally!