Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh the book funk blues

So typically I'm a crafty lady, but today I want to talk about a book.  As any book lover is aware of every now and then you hit what some refer to as a book slump. For some reason, no matter what book you pick up you can't seem to get into it. You keep finding yourself reading a page and then putting the book down.
As you relax in the tub, candles lit, glass of wine on the tub lip, pickles in a bowl (yes I eat and drink in the tub, don't judge), your kindle wrapped in its special water proof case, bubbles up to your chin you feel ready. The setting is perfect to dive back into your book.

Even among this perfect setting you find yourself putting the book down. Never mind that this is the fourth book you've attempted to get into and still nothing. No stirring in your chest, no sweaty palms as you wait to turn a page to find out what happens next. Nothing.

Of course, you pop the drain, toss out the wine and put the pickles back in the fridge because what's the point of a relaxing in a bath if you don't have something to read. Okay, maybe it's just me but I only take baths so that I can have me time, and my me time always involves reading. And baths are the only way to get the kids to leave me alone.

Well, that was me in a serious book slump for the last few weeks. I tried over 20 books on my TBR and none of them could shake the book funk I was in. And I was trying books by may favorite authors, George RR Martin, Dan Brown, Colleen Hoover to name a few, and nothing. No sweaty palms, no tension in my chest just a deep seated sadness that I may never read again. I was starting to lose hope, thinking it was the end, that my life was over (yes I am that dramatic so sue me) and then one of my author besties recommended a book to me.

Of course, I was skeptical.
But sure why not, I'd tried everything else what was the worst that could happen?

So I picked up
And OMG, it was the book!!! Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan was amazing. I missed an entire night of sleep so I could finish it. Not only did it throw me out of my book funk, but it moved to my top ten favorites. This was absolutely the most beautiful love story I've read in a long time. I cry reading books a lot. And this book made me cry first very sad tears because your heart will get ripped out trust me, but then at the end I was crying happy tears and a book has NEVER done that for me. As a matter of fact I read it twice, back to back, because it was that good. So after the good cry fest I reached out to Mia and gushed like a little fangirl to tell her how much her book touched me. Now over a month later and I'm still like this 

thinking about Archer's Voice. So if your looking for something that will give you all the feels then this is your book. I warn you though bring kleenex. And be prepared to fangirl, just saying. 


  1. Book slumps are the worst - so disappointing to pick up a book and not be able to escape into that world between the pages. Still, I guess if you hadn't been 'slumping' you wouldn't have found this one. Happy reading! :-)

    1. Kirsten you are so right it's not even funny! But this book definitely pulled me out of the funk:)

  2. Pickles in the bathtub can make any book slump. How many pickles per page do you consume? And are they mini gherkins? Dill or sweet? Maybe you can't get into the books because the pickles are too damn good. And looking at the cover of this book gave you an instant connection because after all, you'd been eating pickles.

    1. Hahaha Lisa! I eat Heinz Original Dill because they are the only good pickle (don't bother arguing you will lose :P) Typically pickles bring me out of any funk except for book funks apparently

  3. I'm so glad you're over your book slump!