Monday, February 2, 2015

Is it Love?

Even though I know that Valentine's is a holiday created by the candy company, doesn't make it any less of one of my favorite holidays. One because it's about spreading LOVE and two because there's chocolate and I love chocolate. With those two things in mind the first thing I want to celebrate is love by telling some of the things I love (but I'm going to leave the mushy out, but know that I love my friends and family). I'm going to put it in list form because I also know one of my fellow bloggers love lists. See how I'm spreading the love. So here goes in no certain order...

1. Books. Best thing ever created. They allow me to escape, allow me to become an FBI agent or an alien and on and on.
2. Chocolate. Nothing is better than a piece of dark chocolate after a long day.
3. Heinz Dill pickles. Need I say more? No.
4. Movies. There is nothing better than seeing Leonardo Dicaprio or Chris Hemsworth larger than life. Mmmmmm :) Now, if they would just make a movie featuring David Gandy my life would be complete.
5. Fleece sheets. They are, well, indescribable all I can say is get a pair for yourself and you'll understand.
6. Bubble baths. Best time to relax, read and eat pickles.
7. Pen and paper. I could spend hours down the office supply aisle of any store. Nothing better writing that first word with the best pen.
8. Michael's (the craft store) I could literally spend an entire day inside one, just ask my hubby.
9. Barnes & Noble, again I could spend an entire day there. My goodness all those amazing books calling my name.
10. AMAZON. I love that I can find everything on there I can on Ebay only I can just buy it instead of having to bid. Thanks to Amazon my Dorrie collection is almost complete.
11. Lastly, Dorrie. She was a little witch that featured in my favorite series of books when I was kid. Those books are what started/inspired my love of reading, my desire to write and my appreciation for art. Patricia Coombs, THANK YOU.


  1. I great list, however, that dill pickle thing

  2. Yes to this list!! Add in salted caramel and it's a keeper.

  3. Oh my god how could I forget the salted caramel?! And don't you even knock my pickles.

  4. I love all the same things, except i've gotta try some flannel sheets. Love this post!

  5. And swap in my dog for yours, too! lol